Opening the Flow

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This exercise is from the Kick-Ass Creativity Book by Mary Beth Maziarz which is full of fun activities!

Draw an outline of your body on a sheet of paper.  Use whatever you would like – glitter, dirt, feathers, markers, crayons, pens, pencils, anything you want – to illustrate areas where you feel most potent and/or blocked energetically.  The exercise yesterday of sitting for 10 minutes would be a great one to do before beginning this one if you are having any difficulty connecting.

Express your strengths and congestion with patterns, textures, phrases – whatever feels right for you.

Do you feel like your hands know what to do but your mind doesn’t?  Or the other way around?  Is your heart not really in it?

There isn’t any right or wrong.  Just let whatever flows, flow.

If you want to do a little extra credit, let your creation sit for 24 hours out in a natural, outdoor environment (if it’s windy – you may want to put something on it to keep it in place – maybe in the corners or right in the middle)  and then come back and visit it again.  How has it changed?  What does it look like?  What did nature create when allowed?

How have you shifted?  What happens for you when you allow yourself to be in the flow?  What’s possible for your life?

Thoughts from Michele

Michele BerghI have done this exercise myself and my daughter, when she was 8 or 9, took a class and did this as a way of identifying where they feel different emotions in their body.  They used different types of music to bring out those emotions and then colored where they felt “the music”.  This is a powerful exercise to connect to what’s going on inside for you.

Feel free to use the outline of your body in different ways to explore if you’d like:)

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