Being a Night Owl Is Bullshit and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves

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This is the first of probably many blog posts where I share some of the lies I’ve told myself over the years and how things have changed in my life today so stay tuned for more to follow.

For many years I told everyone I was a night owl.  I believed I was.  After all, I stayed up late almost every night…well into the wee hours of the morning; usually doing something on the computer or watching the boob tube.

After realizing there were some things in my life that were missing, I realized that bringing these things into my life was more important to me than my lax, late night schedule and I committed to myself to begin making the shift to getting up earlier and doing my work and then having the evening and weekends to play (this was the missing item I wanted).  Keep in mind that I have stood by my story for years that I am a night owl and there was no way I would ever become a morning person.

It seemed like all I needed to do was make the commitment and things shifted almost instantly.  I was shocked.  Unfortunately, I got sick and that threw things to the wind for a while.  Once recovered, I stepped back into that space and now can say that I believe I actually might be a morning person…words I never thought I’d utter!

I love the freedom this schedule gives me.  I wake up feeling motivated to get my work done because I know that I can put in a full day and play all evening when I’m done; whereas before, I would tell myself there was no point in working productively and efficiently since I’d have to work into the evening hours anyway and then I’d just keep working until those early morning hours were upon me.

I feel a lot like I was in denial about the whole night owl thing.  After all, our makeup is really to rise with the sun and go to bed with the moon.  Most of the people I know who claim to be night owls suffer physically and mentally and I believe it’s because we work against our body’s and mind’s natural tendencies and it’s just not healthy.  I know sometimes people are up at night and sleep during the day because something in their life requires that schedule for that time in their life and I have a greater understand of why I was a night owl and it was not because it was my natural tendency.

I was avoiding my life.

I was unhappy for many years and, even though I made changes that I believed would bring me more happiness, it took time for me to begin to feel the affects of those changes and it wasn’t until late 2012 when I really started to feel as though the changes I’d made in my life had integrated and it was time to really embrace life and all it has to offer.

Hard to embrace life at 2am unless you’re visiting Las Vegas!
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