More Freeze Drying Fun – Taffy

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More Freeze Drying Fun

It's so nice to be having so many successful batches in my freeze dryer!  These were another big hit.  Taffy!

I purchased a couple of big bags of assorted taffy flavors. For this batch, I cut them in half and they expanded to maybe about three times the size of the original piece. While they were fairly easy to eat, I plan on cutting them in 4's next time.  Having to take a bite out of it (because it's too big to fit in my mouth at once) means a little bit of a mess.

It was also fun to try different flavors (my absolute fav is the root beer so far), I think once these are gone, I'll be purchasing specific flavors (all my most favorite ones) so I know I will like them all.

The consistency is kind of like a meringue cookie.  They aren't as airy as the marshmallows.  Here's a picture of how they look inside alongside how pretty they are in a jar.  For reference on size, they are in a quart size jar.

More Freeze Drying Fun
Glass jars with different contents
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