Life Lesson 43: New Experiences Bring Joy

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For those of you following my blog, you know I’ve had many wonderful experiences over the past several months…including many firsts. I attended my first Tomato Fest and ended up in the biggest food fight of my life…with tomatoes.


I bought a bike and explored the many trails around where I live and a few up north as well.

I just love this picture of one of the trails we rode on this weekend.

I just love this picture of one of the trails we rode on this weekend.

I attended a few great concerts.

Blue Oyster Cult

I traveled to Las Vegas and to Chicago (only bringing a back pack to Chicago).

Street Performer in Chicago

I watched the Vikings games with a group of crazy fans on a 30′ screen and I learned the Skol Vikings song so I could sing along and I attended a Minnesota Wild game (and I’m really not that into sports but I still had a blast).

I did all kinds of things over the last year.

And I spent time taking photos of my ventures, something I really love to do.

I shared here how I really believed that experiencing true joy and engaging fully in life can make a big difference, including things like weight loss, and I continue to believe that to be the case. Sometimes now, I find myself (especially with winter entering the scene) wanting to hunker down and kind of disengage and hibernate, if you will but I know it’s important to resist that temptation. I know I need to engage fully in life and experiencing something every day that brings me great joy or it will be like living a slow and painful death…a death I’ve felt before and never want to feel again.

My best friend and I do this thing we call “first bumping”. It’s kind of like a fist bump but we do it when we experience something for the first time and we love to find opportunities to make this happen. Many of the things I did weren’t things I would normally choose to do…they were outside my comfort zone. But I chose to do them anyway. I wanted these experiences…good or not so good…in my life because I knew it was important. While weight loss is just a side bonus and not the reason I did anything, I am proud to say I am down just over 70 pounds since April and I believe 100% it’s because I made a choice to live my life.

What choice will you make today?

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