Life Lesson 20: Tough Choices

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Sometimes you have to make the tough choices to get what you want in life.  These choices can be very difficult to make AND they make the biggest difference in your life.

When I left my job, it was three years after I knew that I needed to do so.  It took me that long to gain the courage and strength I needed to make that big change.  I wrote my resignation letter 6 months before I actually turned it in and carried it around with me so the energy would be out there…that, when the time was right, I would know and I would be ready.

I literally woke up one morning and knew it was the right time and I made it happen.  The couple of years that followed were very challenging financially.  My husband lost his job just a few weeks after I quit mine.  Had it happened beforehand, I wouldn’t have left.  I know the Universe was making sure I did what I needed to do rather than staying out of fear.  Even with those challenging times…the stress that became a part of my daily life…I have never looked back and felt like I wished I’d stayed.  That job was killing me inside and sometimes you just have to go through a little crap to find the beauty out there waiting for us.

green grass

Grass is always greener when the tough decisions are made

Someone once said that the biggest problem with America is complacency.   We are too “okay” with status quo…even when it sucks.  I know I’ve avoided many decisions…sometimes never making a change I know I need to make or taking a really long time to make it…many of us do.  I’ve remained miserable longer than I needed to because I was afraid.  I can tell you, without hesitation, that no decision I’ve made has had a more negative impact than staying in an environment or situation longer than I should have.  Yes, sometimes things were tough for a while but I have still never regretted making a tough choice and now I am committed to making the tough choices as soon as things become clear to me.

How about you?  If the status quo isn’t good, it’s time to make a change. What have you been tolerating in your life for way too long?!


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