Inspiration Avenue Challenge

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This week’s challenge theme is hands.  Hands.  I can’t believe all the paths this took me down.  I started by following the prompt and looked at my own hands.  They were just hands to me and I didn’t get far with these thoughts.  I noticed my ring finger and the fading mark of my wedding ring, now off for almost three months in my newly-single life.  I remembered an episode of Lie To Me where someone noted that the faded ring mark takes about three months to disappear and the person was about 2/3 of the way.  I wondered how many people know this and if mine would actually be gone in a couple of weeks…I don’t think completely…

Next, I thought about all the lovely things hands are for.  Hugging someone…rubbing someone’s back…holding their hand…caressing their face…giving someone the “thumbs up”…

BUT then I started to think about all the negative things they can be used for.  Hands can also hurt.  They can be used to hit…slap…grab…show anger…they can leave bruises.

I thought about doing a piece that showed both the great things and the not-so-great things because I’m really working on being open to sharing a piece of art I create that may not be beautiful or cute or pretty.  Life isn’t always beautiful, cute or pretty so why should artwork be?

When I saw the image of the “shhhhh”, it struck a cord with me.  I really value the ability to express fully.  Being hushed is incredibly painful to me. The quote is one William wrote after the death of his sister-in-law and it just spoke to me.

One of the things I love about art is how it can take on many different shapes before it’s complete.  This is not where I expected to land but landing I did.  Thanks for letting me share.