My Little Bliss List

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bliss listIt’s that time again to share my weekly bliss and, to be honest, I’m not feeling it 100%.   I’ve had this post started since the beginning of the week and it’s been empty.  Not because nothing has brought me bliss but I’ve allowed other things to get in the way.  I am grateful for this reminder from Liv Lane of how important it is to pay attention when those moments that rock show up in our lives.  So here we go:

I had an awesome time at Happy Hour with Rich Chicks on Tuesday.  I was able to experience a new restaurant in St. Paul and that’s always fun.  The food was great.  Parking was easy.  Sign on the wall about with the right kind of sauce you can eat your father disturbed me a bit but the company around me made it worth while.


Someone cleaning out their closet meant new clothes for me, many with the tags still on.  So exciting!


A late dinner with my daughter last night to avoid a Groupon expiring without use was a treat, especially with it ending up free besides the tip.  I hadn’t quite expected that and had to ask about using my check card for just the tip because I didn’t have enough cash, or so I thought.  The waitress said she loves change and to make her a smiley face or something so using the dollars, Kayla and I created hair and the change between the two of us creating the face.  She ended up with a nice tip – it just consisted of dimes, quarters and a couple of dollar bills.

mill valley kitchenI had an awesome Intention Circle with my peeps, Liv Lane, Michelle Stimpson and Bridget Levin at Mill Valley Kitchen in St. Louis Park.  A bright and cheerful restaurant with excellent service and healthy food.  Really blessed to have such a wonderfully supportive group of gals in my corner.

onlineI’ve been getting interviews back all week from several successful women who are offering online programs to share with participants of my Creating Engaging eCourses program beginning Monday.  I’m really excited about this session and some of the interviewees have even joined our Facebook group so they’ll be involved in the discussions as we go.  I think this will tremendously helpful for everyone!

So, you see, it’s been an awesome week.  Thanks again, Liv, for hosting the Bliss List.



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