HVA’s And Why They Are So Important

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I first learned about HVA’s or High Value Activities in a mastermind group I belonged to. I had never heard about them before and thought they were the best thing since sliced bread for a business to look at every day.  The facilitator of my group, Cindy Gibbs of Masterminds and Mentors, had discovered them thanks to Marc LeBlanc.

If you are new to the concept, an HVA is something that typically makes you money, directly or indirectly. They are activities that generate cash flow directly, increase visibility, and/or create an opportunity. Here are some examples that relate to my business:

  • Sending out invoices
  • Working on a job someone has paid me to do
  • Putting together a quote for a potential job
  • Responding to an email IF the email is about a current job I’m being paid for, a potential job, or something similar
  • Send an email IF it’s to connect with someone who might be in need of my services
  • Creating a sales page

Somethings that are not HVA’s:

  • Miscellaneous sorting and responding to emails
  • Hanging out in social media {unless you generate a lot of business from these sources and you need to be able to quantify it}

Things that make you money need to come first in your business. If you create a piece of art but never get it up in your shop to sell – and that’s your intention – it’s not going to sell itself {ok, it might but probably not}.  Got invoices that need to go out? Get them out!  Got one to follow up on that hasn’t been paid?  Follow up.  Sitting on an email from someone who wants to buy something from you?  Respond today.

The more time, energy and attention you give HVA’s, the more successful your business will be!  What HVA’s have you been pushing aside.  Which ones are keeping you up at night?  These would be great to get started with!