Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop – Week #9

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Beach and HammockPrompt:  The Beach

Unfortunately, I have missed the last few weeks.  I had some things that I needed to focus on so I had to let go of some other things.  I have missed connecting with everyone and the inspiration I feel when I do these prompts.  Even when I didn’t initially feel inspired, I couldn’t believe the journey these took me on each week.

This week’s prompt was an easy one so it felt like the perfect time to jump back in, even though I missed the linky party.  I love the idea of the beach.  I know that probably sounds funny but I don’t have to be at the beach to feel the sensations that come up when I dream about the beach.  While I do enjoy a good lake or two, I REALLY love the ocean.  What am I doing in Minnesota?  I have no effing idea sometimes…

I love the color of the water.

I love the ebb and flow of the waves…big or small.

I love the seagulls and the sounds they make as they watch for their next meal.

I love the softness of wet sand on my feet and how I can make an imprint and then, with a little ebb and flow of the tide, it’s gone.

I love being able to build things in the sand and how hard it gets when it’s packed together, even though it feels so soft on my feet.

I loved the drum circle and dancing going on at Venice Beach a few years ago when we were there on vacation.

I love the expansiveness of the ocean.  How, as far as the eye can see, there is just wide open water and wide open sky.

Sometimes it feels like time has stopped and nothing else exists…

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