Crash Boom Bang

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crash boom bangWow!  What a crazy week.  I came off a marvelous Monday right into I don’t know what.  It was a good week.  Lots of projects and fun people to meet with AND I dealt with the repeated crashing of my very own beloved site.  It’s hard for me to admit that.  I’m supposed to know it all, right?  Well, my cover has officially been blown.

It isn’t the end of the world.  I actually pretty proud of the fact I haven’t ended up in the corner in the fetal position, crying like a baby.  I did have files backed up (take note of the importance of this) BUT something got corrupt and the site kept breaking on its own and intermittently I was being shut down by my hosting company for taking too many resources from the server I’m on.  I did everything they suggested and nothing took care of the problem so last night, I bit the bullet.

I decided to start fresh.  I mean sometimes we all need a fresh start, right?  In fact, in many ways it’s a metaphor for my life right now.  I loved my site but I also had noticed some usability issues.  The theme I was using was super cute (in my opinion) and interactive, which is always fun.  It also made my blog hard to get to.  I also felt some of my descriptions were way too wordy (I mean I have to make sure everything is included, right?) and I was ready to simplify and have a little more fun with them.

So here I am.  Selectively uploading content from my back ups so I don’t end up with another corrupt site and putting a slightly new twist on the design.  I hope you’ll be patient with me while I pick the content that will serve you best to put back on the site.  I have my all new The Heart of Your Brand eCourse beginning on Monday, several client projects in front of me to work on – each with their hands up shouting “pick me! pick me!”, and life to take care of too so this may take a little time.

Put a new pot of coffee on, pull up a comfy chair and I’ll be back soon before you know it.


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