Go For It

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go for itI read this great blog post from Chris Brogan about his daughter, Violette’s, birthday and all he’d learned from her.  I love the freedom Chris, as a father, gives his children to be who they are – whatever that looks like.  What a valuable gift to be given at a young age.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if we all started our lives being free to be fully who we are and nothing ever crushed that?  Would the world be a happier place, full of people doing exactly what they want to do with their life?  Is it possible?  Would we all appreciate someone else’s opportunity to be who they want to be, even if it didn’t match our own ideals?

What would you be today, if no one had ever told you anything other than to “go for it!”??  Where would you be today and what can you do now to get there…because it’s never too late?

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