What are Your Dreams Telling You?

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dreamHumans spend approximately 1/3 of their lives sleeping. While sleeping our brains are hard at work sorting through all of the input it has taken in during the day. You can harness this information to unlock your creativity by keeping a dream journal.

A dream journal will give you symbols to ponder each day. Dreams are our minds way to organize thoughts and feelings. A valuable way to unlock this useful information is to keep a journal next to the bed. Upon waking, rather it be during the night or in the morning, lie in bed and spend about ten minutes remembering your dreams looking for any clues that could be helpful to anything that may be important in your life. Even if you only remember small pieces of the dream it could prove to be valuable information. Sometimes your dreams may not make sense until you go back through the journal and find that there are reoccurring themes or symbols.  Use the gift of dreams to enrich your creativity.

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