Draw in the Dark

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eyes in darkYou may be like me, I love to draw but have never shown my work (until recently).  A lot of what I do is doodling but they often end up looking like small pictures rather than symbols or patterns.  They usually start out as a symbol or pattern and then I start to see an image in them and go from there.

It’s been hard for me to share in the past because I didn’t feel like much of anything I did was good enough to share and now I’m breaking out of that.  It’s been really fun sharing on Facebook – my artwork, my business, my singing (yep, did you miss that one?  It’s still there somewhere if you dig for it).

If you are not willing to share your work for fear of what others will think, it can interfere with the creative process.  Here’s activity will help you break free from negative thoughts.

Draw in the dark. It is that simple. You won’t be able to erase as you work or with your eyes closed (no peeking!), you won’t be able to criticize your work. It will be what it will be. You can use a focal point such as a image or an emotion you are feeling as your inspiration to draw.

This activity can be very freeing and fun. When you feel you are finished turn on the light you will be surprised of what you sensed your creation looked like and what it truly does look like.

Care to share what you ended up with?  Post on Facebook or on your site and share a link here.  How did it feel?

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