3 Minute Poem

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Anyone can write a poem. It doesn’t even need to rhyme! What makes a poem good, is the feeling and emotion behind the words.  This activity helps to unlock creativity by forcing one to write words while being timed.

You will need a piece of paper, pencil and a timer.

Right an emotion you are struggling with or feel strongly about down the middle of your paper. See example below…






Now it is time to set the timer and get busy filling in words and phrases that begin with each letter all the way down. See example below…

H aving family

A ppreciating time

P ainting

P ossibilities

Y es this is a wonderful life and it’s mine!

This exercise forces creativity and it can also be fun to see what is created. It can also be an enjoyable activity to do in a group.


Here’s mine, which happens to be my driving core value:)

E xpressing who I am!

e X cited to finally not feel like I need to hold back!

P assionately sharing me!

R eally being real!

E motionally exposing myself!

S peaking the truth!

S haring what I feel inside!

I nner self being revealed!

O penly connecting at a soul level!

N othing holding me back!


What’s yours?

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