What is it with Diet Soda??!

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soda-clean-eatingFor the past several months, on my quest to cleaner eating, I had stopped drinking my beloved diet soda at home. This was a huge accomplishment, given my 7+ can a day addiction.

In order to not feel deprived, I allowed myself the occasional glass of fountain soda when we’d go out to eat, if I wanted it. But that was it. No getting soda at the gas station…no drinking it at home even though the hubby was drinking it still and so it is abundantly available at home.

I’ve stopped drinking it before, once going an entire year and once a few months. Both times, what got me back on the soda journey was something stressful happening in my life. The stress didn’t have to be “bad”…just stressful. The first time, after a year, was putting together a large conference for about 100 people. It was really fun and there were so many wonderful pieces at work AND it was stressful and I craved diet soda like you wouldn’t believe and finally gave in.

Well, it’s happened again. I wouldn’t say I’ve completely fallen off the wagon or anything but I’ve had a handful of sodas over the past week or so and I certainly don’t want it to grow from there. This shift in lifestyle is important to me. I know diet soda (or any kind for that matter) isn’t good for me. I don’t feel different when I don’t drink it and I haven’t been blessed with a sudden weight loss like some people (not even during the year I didn’t drink it at all) but I know that it’s possible some of my memory issues and some of my aches and pains might be tied to the soda…I’m not certain but it’s definitely possible. I also know that there are a couple of kinds that I love the taste but my mouth actually swells and doesn’t return to normal for about three days. My tongue feels huge and it feels like I’m tripping over all my words…it’s crazy. Well, that can’t be good either.

So onward I go, aware that some stress and anxiety is a trigger for me with diet soda and using some of my other coping skills may be a better choice. What triggers you to make less desirable choices and how do you cope and stay on track?

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