Why Am I Crying During Sex

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intimacy crying during sexI asked the question recently, “What is one of your favorite memories around intimacy” in my Facebook group, Orgasmic Living By Design, and realized perhaps I’d like to share one of my own here.  It’s such a personal topic and I can feel my heart beating faster as I consider what I’ll write about.  While very personal, there is a huge part of me that just doesn’t understand why we don’t have more conversations around these topics.  What a gift it is to share a truly touching story of intimacy and connection with another.  It provides a deeper understanding of how we view these aspects of our lives.  It connects us at a soul level to share so deeply.  It binds us in a positive and healthy way.

So here is my story…

During sex with a partner, I have had really intense orgasms resulting in a wave of tears.  Sobbing, to be exact.  The first few times it happened, I was really embarrassed and confused.  Why would I feel that deep throbbing need to cry during a moment of pure pleasure.  It seemed counter-intuitive and I did my best to fight the urge, hoping he wouldn’t notice.  If he did, he never let on.

After each experience, I’d find myself on Google the next day looking for information about why the heck someone would start crying during sex.  I was sure there was something wrong with me and that I’d find nothing to the contrary.

I was wrong.  It turns out, it isn’t that uncommon.  This post, the author at the top of the page said she cries at anything intensely emotional, could be rage or bliss (in the case of good sex).  Another author on that page talks about the limbic system and the science behind the experience.  And someone else on that page said, “there’s no shame in crymaxing.”

Julia Allison also wrote about crying during sex and is it good, bad or just weird here. And Madison Moore shared here thoughts here.  While she hasn’t experienced it, she knows others who have.

So, once I realized it really wasn’t a weird thing and I wasn’t alone, I was more open to allowing it to flow.  It seemed to give me permission to relax.  I didn’t hold back the next time it happened.  I still don’t think he fully understand what was happening to me and why it wasn’t a bad thing, as it might appear to be, but it was an opportunity to have a conversation…to share feelings…to connect deeply and be fully intimate on a soul level.  He held me for a long time afterwards so whether he understood or not, his love runs deep and I could feel that with every ounce of my being and that is true intimacy…

Intimacy = Into Me You See

What is one of your favorite memories?

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