Creative Success

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Everyone has a different way of measuring success. What success means to me, may be completely different than what it means to you. This is something I’ve had many conversations around with my peeps.

Have you ever really sat down and defined success in your own words? You must define it to be able to achieve it.  This is a great activity that really can get your creativity flowing, as you can see by Webster’s definition of success below, it is not easy to give an overall meaning of the word for it is so different to each person. The definition they offer is very vague.

Webster’s Definition: Success 1, a favorable termination 2, a person or thing that prospers

For this activity, challenge yourself to really take an inner look at how you measure your own success and the success of others. It can be a very inspiring activity to name success in your own words. Keep your success definition somewhere in view to remind yourself what exactly your ultimate goal in life is: To be successful!