Click to Tweet Makes It Easy For Blog Visitors to Share

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While having social share buttons can be helpful, along with asking for your visitors to share, there is another option I love.  Click to Tweet is one of the best ways to both ask and make it easy for someone to share, not just your post, but a quote of your choice on Twitter!  You can see how simple the process is from the screenshot below.  It’s truly as simple as typing in your message, copying and pasting your link and then clicking the Generate Link! button.

Going through this process provides you with a mini link to add to your site.  This is how mine usually look:

Click to Tweet is Awesome! ~ Michele Bergh Click to Tweet

If you click on the link, which I hope you will, you’ll see I take it one step further and use the service to shorten my link so it saves room in the tweet and also makes it easy for those who may want to retweet the post.  Now that I’ve used it a few times, it only takes me a minute or two to create the link and get it up in my post – well worth the extra time.

Of course you don’t have to include a link to your blog post or website but you’ll want to include something that connects the tweet back to you.  This might be your twitter handle (mine is @beinspired1), or a hashtag you use regularly.  Whatever you decide to include, it’s amazing how easy this makes it for others to share.  They click on the link, a new window opens and they click on one more button to share and it’s done!

Click to Tweet

Have you used this service before?  What are your thoughts?