My Little Bliss List

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It has been an awesome week!  Here is my bliss list…

  1. My daughter got a new job a couple of weeks ago and is loving it and working a lot.  This is really going to help us, not just financially since she can buy her own stuff and pay for the gas she uses, but she seems so much more motivated and happy.  Today she receives her first paycheck!!
  2. My daughter also doesn’t like school and this has been a battle for some time.  We met with her adviser on Wednesday and came up with a plan that I am hopeful with get her to graduation.
  3. We used a Groupon for Osaka on Wednesday night with my daughter and my ex.  It was a great meal and nice to check in with everyone and visit for a bit.  I love their food and the entertainment and I wasn’t as hungry as I thought (or tried to be) so I had leftovers for two more meals!!  Awesome!
  4. One of my favorite groups is Women in Networking.  I attended a WINners Circle yesterday where we get to present a challenge or something we want feedback on to the group.  Everyone shares their ideas and we leave with a bunch of new ideas and/or confirmation that we are on the right track.  I left with both!
  5. Last Saturday I had a houseful (or what felt like a houseful) of friends doing art together.  I opened up the dining room table to give us space to spread out and the living room floor was fully used as well!  We had a good time working on whatever we wanted (blankets/quilts were the #1 project) for the afternoon.  Any day of creating is a good day.
  6. I enjoyed so many beautiful days this week, full of sunshine and a light breeze.
  7. I’m so grateful for a swimming pool and hot tub that I’m actually using and love.
  8. I saw baby geese yesterday for the first time this year but didn’t have time to grab a photo of them.  I’m on the hunt for them now so I can get a photo and relish in their cuteness!
  9. They installed a  brand new A/C unit with remote in my apartment yesterday.  It looks so much nicer than the antique one that I had and I feel so much better about the efficiency and the cleanliness of it.  No more black stuff flying around.
  10. I also received a brand new light fixture yesterday!  It’s actually new, not from another unit and it isn’t fluorescent, which is even better!
  11. And they fixed the sprayer in my sink.
  12. I just love my cats who love me no matter what.
  13. I also love my huge bed that I can just lay in forever and I took advantage of this every morning this week!  I can’t believe I was going to get rid of it and look for a smaller one when I moved.

Thanks again to Liv for reminding me each week to think about all the things that have totally rocked this week.

UPDATE:  Tonight, while leaving to have dinner with a friend, I found the babies!  Here’s a photo…


baby geese

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