April Color Challenge – Mustard Yellow

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This was created as a part of Louise Gale’s monthly color challenge series.  I was none too happy about the color this month as it is not a color I like at all.  I decided I was, indeed, up for the challenge.  I sat down and started thinking about all the things the color brought to my mind.  At first, I was completely lost and nothing was coming to my mind and I was beginning to have second doubt about my commitment.

Perseverance paid off and ideas begin to flow.  I started searching on the internet and found a cool pillow that had a pattern in it.  I found flowers and bees and lots of clothes (that wouldn’t look good on me – yellow is NOT my color).  Then I thought of the dandelion.  The cute little flower that nobody wants in their yard but is actually a sweet and pretty flower that children of all ages like to pick and put in their hair or share with a loved one.  Here are a few interesting superstitions about dandelions:

  • Blow all the seeds off in one puff, your wish will come true.
  • The seeds being blown away can carry a message to someone.
  • If you sniff a dandelion and your nose turns yellow, someone is in love with you.
  • A couple of dandelions in a wedding bouquet will bring prosperity to the marriage.
  • It’s good luck to wear a dandelion chain if you made it yourself, but not if someone gave it to you.
  • It’s bad luck to pick dandelions in a cemetery and even worse luck to bring them home afterwards or give them away.

Here is my final artwork…

Golden Kisses

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