My Little Bliss List

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A big shout out to Liv Lane for reminding me of the important of finding a little (or a lot) of bliss in my week.  These past few weeks have been crazy busy with work and family and moving but I still experience bliss all over the place.  Here’s a few of the highlights:

Kayla and I spent a little more time with our new neighbors.  She wondered if they were friendly so she got out of the car to go say hi.  At first they all slowly moved away from her and then, all of a sudden, there were several making their way to her.  Some even came from across the way.  I laughed at the look on her face as she was all of a sudden surrounded by those wanting to meet her…to see what she was all about.  I hollered to her, “They want to be your friend until they figure out you have no food for them and then you better run.”  No, I’m not talking about people.  It’s those darn ducks again.  Man, they are so cute.

New Neighbors

I feel like such a geek but can’t get enough of them.  I guess my daughter and I must both be geeks since we both want to just sit there and watch them play and walk around.  I can’t wait until I get to spend every day with them!

New Neighbors

When I was packing, I came across this promise book Kayla made for me as a gift many years ago when she was just little.  It’s filled with pages about promising to do things when she’s asked one time instead of several times and even before she’s asked at all.  It’s just so darn cute and so fun to think back to those days when she was just a little girl.

I Promise Book

Kayla also got her drivers license this week.  I was sure she wouldn’t pass when I looked up and saw her take a left hand turn in front of another car at a green light during her test but apparently they hesitated so her examiner let it slide.  It has been awesome to have a new driver in the house who wants to drive everywhere and is willing to run errands just to be able to drive.  She even washed and vacuumed my car.  I hadn’t planned to let her drive around so much but she’s enjoying it and so I just need to let go a little.

Kayla's Driving

I also had a massage on Thursday night that rocked!!  Brenda is the best and she never fails to deliver an absolutely awesome experience. Ahhhhh.  I feel like I can relax and breathe again.

I also signed up for an online class for Lettering with Joanne Sharpe.  I’m having fun playing with colors and markers and lettering.

My class for creating engaging ecourses is 1/2 way through.  This is a bit bittersweet as I want it to go on forever but I’m having fun hearing about all the creative ways people are coming up with to share their passions AND my next ecourse, Core Values:  Creating a Road Map for Success & Happiness, begins in a few weeks and I’m really excited for this one.  Understanding core values and how they impact our lives is one of the most valuable things I have experienced in my life.  This course is an partnership with another fabulous teach and we’ll be working with people together to understand why this is important, what their values are, and what this means for their life moving forward.  I can’t wait!

I know there is much more but these are the highlights and if I’d only experienced one of them, I’d still feel like a million bucks.  Thanks again Liv for the opportunity to share.  Check out all the others sharing their blissful weeks!

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