My Little Bliss List

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I was so disappointed last Friday when I wasn’t even feeling well enough to post my Bliss List for the week so I am extra happy to be back this week!  A big thank you to Liv Lane for helping me remember the importance of being grateful for all the good in my life.  AND, as an added bonus, the two daily commands I received today were:

  • I don’t know how I live in bliss, I only know I do now and I am fulfilled!
  • I don’t know how I enjoy the experience of bliss in my life, I only know it is so now and I am fulfilled!

How perfect is that??

This Week’s Bliss List


I am feeling better after several days of being sick.  I don’t get sick often and this one really wiped me out.  I’m back to feeling alive!

online working
I am working with some awesome people right now.   It is so much fun to work on projects with great people!

Ride or Die Bitch
My daughter started her behind-the-wheel.  Its nice to have someone else work with her on those few areas she needs help (why is it different when it comes from someone else who isn’t mom??).  She’ll have her license soon and I will no longer have to be a personal taxi ALL the time.  Of course, I might just miss how she calls me her “ride or die bitch’ like she’s all tough or something…or maybe not.

prosperity blooms
My Prosperity Blooms eCourse came to an end and my bliss comes from all the wonderful comments people made about how helpful it was and how they didn’t want to see it end.  I love it when I can be a part of a process that makes a difference for someone in their life.  I love the relationships that develop.

taco salad
I had a great lunch today with two friends I adore.

key ring
I realized this week it’s only two weeks until I get the keys to my new place!  I’m excited and scared all in one.  Mostly excited for this new chapter in my life.

Thanks again to Liv for the reminder!

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