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This past week was an awesome week.  One of the best I’ve had for many reasons.  The biggest thing I noticed this past week is just how much things are flowing. I feel it’s one of the ways I know I’m on the right path.  I’m trusting in the process and listening to what my heart and soul guide me to do.  It’s really wonderful.  So here are just a few highlights.

Friday was my 5 year anniversary of being self-employed.  I’m pretty proud of all I’ve accomplished and shared about my journey here.  I spent the afternoon at Noelle Rollins Art Studio.  She totally rocks and it’s right around the corner from my home.  I love her art and her story is so inspiring.  Living her passion…that’s for sure.  Here’s what I bought myself to celebrate:

Painted Glasses

Noelle Rollins Art

Then I went to Applebee’s with a friend to celebrate and had a perfect margarita (always awesome) and my friend, Tonya, who’s been at my side along this journey, had a little surprise for me:

Passport 2 Creativity

The bucket had these three little chubby birds on it, just like I have on my balcony that bring me so much joy!

I also watched the basketball and tennis courts being refinished outside my balcony.  While I may not play, I love watching the kids play and knowing how much nicer this would be for them made me feel really good inside plus, let’s be real, they are a lot nicer to look at than what was there.

basketball courts

tennis courts

Realizing just how really nice this grilling area is off the community room…

grilling area

A few other highlights include, a couple of awesome groupons for places I’ve been wanting to try, finishing a big project, coming to an agreement on a pending settlement that worked out very well, bird banding last Sunday (no pictures this week since I’ve got several already here), started bartending school not to be a bartender but to experience something new and interesting and fun, joining a new book club and meeting new people, starting a new ecourse my student and friend put together lovingly about finding joy in our every day and several “topless” days (convertible, not me, silly).

Thank you again Liv for another incredible week!!

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