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I can’t believe it’s Friday already!!  Here’s to another week of bliss…pure bliss…even with a bout of sick and no internet one day!

Kayla, my daughter, got her first car!  No more sharing and she’s on her way to adulthood.

This post equals post #27, on the 27th, for the month.  This is awesome since I enjoy sharing and I’ve been participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge this month to write 31 blog posts in 31 days.  This is my third time through and the first time I’ve made it this far.  I’m pretty pumped!

I spent some much-needed time with my mom and my brother and his family at their new home in Wisconsin.   Their “new house” is actually an old house, built way back when with a cooler than cool story.  As they’ve been remodeling, they have found these little shoes above doors and windows in the walls.  Turns out this was a tradition of past generations where they would put a shoe above any opening to ward off evil.  Here’s a few images of the shoes…




And flowers from their garden…



Visitors to my balcony.  They’ve finished all the seen in the feeder and are now cleaning up the floor.  I’ll be refilling but I’m afraid of heights, on the 3rd floor, can’t reach the hook and unwilling to stand on a chair so I need a little help:)


Having a friend, Martina Landolt, who started out as someone I found on Twitter and has become a friend to me, send me a picture she took while on vacation that made her think of me because it had my maiden name on it. Check out Martina on Facebook.  The internet is a great thing!

Town of Morton

There’s beauty all around and life is good.  Thank you again, Liv, for the inspiration to pay attention to the bliss in my life.

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