My Bliss List

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What a great week!  Here are the highlights, along with a great big thank you to Liv Lane for reminding me to find bliss in my every day life.

Bird Banding at Springbrook Nature Center.  Totally a new experience and loved watching all the birds that morning and getting to learn more about them.  Can’t wait to do it again.

blue jay


Right before releasing…he sure wasn’t happy…


Beautiful flowers at the Nature Center!

red flowers

orange flowers

Best salad ever!


Took a painting class.  This was a beginner class and only about 2 and a 1/2 hours to work on painting but I had a good time and a little more time on it to add some detail, I think it would be great.  Regardless, it was fun.

More Zentangles this week!  I am so in love with these and they are so relaxing to do!!

Made a pot roast and it was sooo good.  The sandwiches from the leftovers were awesome too.

67 geese in one little area by my pond one day…that was a sight!

Time on my balcony, late at night, enjoying the cool summer air.

Art day with friends.

Realizing at 2am that I don’t need to stay up any later to finish this because it’s on Wednesday….seriously, what was I thinking?

Seriously, a great week!  Can’t wait to have another. Hope yours was just as wonderful!

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