Believing In Yourself

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Believing in yourself means to be living in yourself. ~Magdala

I attended a workshop this weekend and one of the first things she said was the quote listed above. It hit me like a ton of bricks! When we believe in ourselves, we are 100% living, living in who we truly are. We embrace each and every part of ourselves and are not afraid to show it to the world.

This was a timely message and I struggle to embrace every part of myself and share it comfortably with those around me. I so desperately want to be authentic in every way and yet there is this constant fear that “people won’t like that part of me” or “people won’t like me because of what I believe”. The truth is, its happened and it hurt. The truth is, it continues to happen and it still hurts. Often times, this keeps us from sharing who we really are inside. This doesn’t do anyone any good. We cannot truly find the happiness we are all here experience by hiding.

We all want to be liked, loved, appreciated, valued…this is something we all have in common. My hope for everyone is that we will be able to come together one day in our oneness…that common ground we all share. That desire to be loved and valued. I look forward to the day we can all look at each other and connect through the divinity we all share rather than focusing on our differences. I am committed to continuing to embrace more and more of myself and share it with you as I hope you will with me. I look forward to seeing who you are in all your beauty.

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