A Moment of Gratitude

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laughterTonight I happen to catch a blog post by Brandy on Brandy Glows about gratitude.  She’s launching her version of 100 Thank Yous, inspired by Lori Portka.   Brandy is joyfully expecting a baby soon and her version is to write a thank you a day until she goes into labor.

I am inspired by both Brandy and Lori.

I am thankful for both Brandy and Lori for reminding me of the importance of being grateful for the good in my life.



Today, I thank my daughter, Kayla, for an afternoon of fun and laughter with her and her friends, Ian and Jack.


Driving (all over).

Mocking reality shows (we are really good at various moves from Toddlers and Tiaras {I’m super good at the “tantrum” move features by most all the children on the show as well as their moms}…we do a mean Farrah from Teen Mom {man, does she come off as an spoiled brat or what??}…and we rock Sammy from Jersey Shore {of course her only lines are “Ron” and “Can we just talk like normal people” and “Just listen to me” so that’s an easy one}.

Onion chips {a sack of} from, you guessed it, White Castle.  It was a brief momentary laps in judgement. Followed by much disappointment from Ian and I at how full we were but how unsatisfied at the same time due to their lack of savory-ness.  Would it have killed White Castle to make them a little more savory?? {tear falls from my eye down my cheek}.

I am grateful for the time together.

She spent the night at a friends.

I am also grateful for a night to myself.

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