Pursuing Your Passion Despite Being Busy

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This is the first of many guest posts about passion, creativity, and life.  A big, big thank you to Kristina J. Petrella from seizinglifebythewristlet.com for taking the time to write this one for you. Be sure to check out Kristina’s blog.  She’s got some great stuff you won’t want to miss out on!


Four kids call me mom.  It is the title I wear most proudly and yet it is the title that requires the most of me.  With four little bodies to wash, feed, clothe, and raise, where do my hobbies and passions fit in?  Is there even a place for them?  Truthfully, I have found that I have more time for my passions since I’ve had children than I did before.  “More time?” you ask.  Yes, more time.

When we become parents, we automatically start giving of ourselves.  Our days become rearranged and our moments re-ordered.  My best friend once told me, “Do something you love every day.”  She didn’t say, “Do something you like” or “Do ten things you enjoy,” no, she said, “Do something you LOVE.”  That was some of the best advice she ever gave me.  Since then, I’ve tried to incorporate that into my life and in doing so, I make time for the things that absorb my passion.

The unsaid, side of this is that I don’t have time for the mediocre hobbies that I once may have had.  Take movie-movie watching for instance.  Before kids, I watched movies quite a bit.  It was fun, but it was not something that I was passionate about.  Reading, however is something I’m horribly passionate about.  I’m a content junkie and reading is my bliss—absolute bliss. This is the thing I will stay up late to do and will make time for no matter what.  The end result is that I don’t watch a ton of television, but I read quite a few books.

Pursuing my passion has been a series of choices.  It’s been the end result of deciding to sew instead of watch movies, read instead of play video games, and write instead of knitting.  Is movie watching, gaming or knitting a bad habit?  Absolutely not, they are just hobbies about which I am less than passionate.  So they are replaced by hobbies that enthrall my senses and challenge me to get better.

So let me challenge you today to find something you love, not like, and spend some time today doing just that.  Pretty soon you’ll be spending more time pursuing your passions even if it is sandwiched between changing diapers and cooking dinner.