Write your Life

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lifeHave you ever met someone who could tell a story about something mundane or simple and create an elaborate version that sucked you in almost as quickly as he or she began?   His stories inspired you and made you feel alive and they were all based on fact…none of it was made up…it’s just how he saw life.

This activity invites you to see how creative you can see an ordinary day. I invite you to take notes throughout a day. Write down how you feel in each situation you face, each place you enter, how does it smell to you? What colors do you see? The more detail the better. Be present in every situation you encounter. In the evening look at these notes and write a short story about your experience.

Use a lot of describing terms and action words; you will be amazed how your creativity can flow. Not only is this activity a wonderful method to get your creativity flowing, it is also a technique to help you see the world for how magnificent it really can be if you only allow yourself perceive it that way.

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