Six Words or Less

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A while back, I came across a post on Ian Cron’s blog about writing your memoir in six words.  It struck a cord with me because I had met with a business coach a while back who was working on the same thing for her business.  At the time, I was really challenged by this task.  I came up with the following:

graphic design. web design.

I thought it was pretty fitting but only focused on my business and I am a firm believer that you cannot separate your business from your personal life completely when you are a solopreneur. When building a business around something you are passionate about, your business is your life.

Now, I fondly remember this task and post.  I’m in a space where I have come full circle and am embracing every aspect of who I am and including it in my business, focused on finding and expressing your voice + lifestyle design: building a business and life around your gifts.  It hit me today that I had created that “six words or less” without even trying.  I guess when it’s right, it’s just right.

Living Inspired by Design

What are your six words?  I hope you’ll share below!

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