Word for the Year 2013

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I’ve never intentionally chosen a word for the year until now.  As I look back, I can see that there probably was a single word that summed up each year.  2013 will be different.  I’m creating my life and I’m starting 2013 with a word of my choosing, a word by design, not default.

My word for 2013 is glitter.

Glitter is one of those things…it’s shiney and sparkley and beautiful and it gets everywhere.  There are remnants of the glitter for hours…days…months…years that remain long after the party is over.  Even when it seems less apparent, it’s there.  One move and, all of sudden, it’s gleam catches your eye.

Out in the country or “up north” to us Minnesotans, glitter seems to fill the night sky.  Stars that shine so bright, more than seem humanly possible.  These stars provide light.  They remind us of a Universe bigger than we.  They provide a space to make wishes and watch dreams come true.

Falling into the “all things shiney” category, glitter can cause us to lose focus or so some say.  What it actually does is to help us focus on what’s important.  It reminds us:

  • To fill our lives with catchable moments…moments that sparkle.
  • Beauty is everywhere, even if you can’t see it at first.
  • We’re here to shine our light.
  • And dreams can come true.

Have you chosen a word for the year?  Please share it below.

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