What Exactly is Regular, Anyway?

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Got Guilt?I wrapped up a post I started a couple of weeks ago on the 1st and published it to my blog.

I looked at my editorial calendar (best plugin ever, BTW).

I saw I hadn’t blogged in a couple of weeks.

I felt guilt.

I let it go.

I really want to get to a place where I have time and the desire to blog every single day.  I know I have something to share but the time doesn’t always seem to be there.  I know we make time for what is important for us and yet we have to balance this with living life.  Between family and clients and students and rest (I do need a little of this), the time really isn’t always here nor do I always feel inspired to write something.

That’s the simple truth.

So what is regular anyway?  I’m going to define it a…

Blogging when I feel inspired.

Not blogging because I HAVE to or SHOULD do it.

Not blogging because someone else says I should.

Got guilt?  Nope.  Who needs it anyway?!

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