What does Responsible Mean?

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What does responsible mean to you? For some reason I am challenged by this word. I know that I am responsible for me. I am responsible for my healing, for my growth, for my lessons, for my success. I am responsible for it all. That is really scary to me.

I looked the word up and the second definition said “being the cause of something, usually something wrong or disapproved of”. WOW. Another Aha Moment. Here’s another belief for me to release. I remember hearing the word “responsible” as a child and that is exactly how it was used it. No wonder I feel resistance to it. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and those mistakes…I know I am responsible for BUT there are a lot of really wonderful things I’ve done in life too! I am also responsible for them. That’s the part I need to embrace. That’s the part I want to create more of in my life.

You see, responsible also means being reliable, accountable, needing qualities like conscientiousness and trustworthiness. These words feel much better to me. It’s amazing what’s in a word AND what beliefs can be hiding behind those words.

We are all responsible for our own lives. Nobody else is. We are responsible for our success and our failure, our lessons and what we learn from them, how we grow, what we release and when, etc. The only thing that can prevent me from having all the abundance available to me…is me. Plain and simple.

I am choosing to be responsible – reliable, accountable, conscientious, and trustworthy. I am ready for all the Universe has in store for me. No holding back. It’s time to embrace all that is good – for each and every one of us.

Are you ready?

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