How To Value Your Vagina

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value your vaginaI was at a meeting a couple of weeks ago and the topic of steaming your vagina came up.  I’d never heard of this practice but the people familiar with it swear by it.  A practitioner was even talking about offering a workshop so others could learn the whys and the hows of it all (visualize standing over a steaming tea kettle…).

I’ve started talking more about our lady parts, in part as a way to get more and more comfortable talking about things that aren’t always comfortable but are important…go big or go home, I always say…no baby steps for this girl.  And also in part because I really want to talk about real topics to real people.  I want an opportunity to discuss things that are a part of mindful living and be inspired.  So today I’m writing about valuing your vagina.

So let’s talk about this steaming the vagina thing…first, visualize standing over a steaming tea kettle…it’s not exactly like this but you’ll get an idea and I’m sure there are various methods of accomplishing the same thing.  Gwyneth Paltrow swears by this practice…you can read about it on her website.  She calls it V-steaming.  She says its great for balancing hormones and provides a great energetic release.  The Guardian and several other websites say Gwyneth is full of poo.  They include their version of science to explain why it isn’t necessary and may actually not be a good idea.  Dr. Jen Gunter says if you want to relax your vagina, just have an orgasm.  Can’t argue with that one.  I don’t know if it’s a good idea or not.  The idea of hot steam blowing onto that area doesn’t sound overly comfortable to me…let’s remember steam is produced at 212 degrees after all.  I’m going to take a “don’t knock it ’til you try it approach” for now and I’m not sure if it’s something I’ll try or not. Only time will tell.

Regardless of where I land with the whole vaginal steaming practice, I do think it’s really important to value your vagina, ladies…take care of those lady parts  How do we do that?  It’s not at complicated as it seems.  Here are a few key tips…

  1.  Keep it clean. Don’t use anything scented and keep it on the outside…the inside will generally take care of itself.  Include a regular practice of exfoliating…use a salt type product…loofas can be too irritating and sugar can cause bacterial growth (although some say it’s good to use sugar so I’ll let you do your own research and decide).
  2. Keep the door locked unless you feel really good about unlocking it.  You don’t have to let someone in just because they knock either.  It is a precious part of your body and should be treated as such.
  3. Clothe it well.  Buy undergarments that you feel attractive in. And make sure they breathe well too.

You’ll be amazed at the boost of confidence you feel when you really care for such an important part of who you are.  On Wise Woman Tradition, she says your vagina stands for power, self-value and respect and I absolutely agree with her.  I think these three words sum it up pretty darn well.

Got any recommendations of your own to share?  A ritual you engage in regularly to embrace this part of who you are?  We’d love to hear about it!  Please share below.

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