My True Calling

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questions to find life purposeWhile I know that my true calling is simply to take care of my own shit and be happy, it’s been quite a process to get here.  I feel like that should have been easy to figure out but it wasn’t for me and I know many people who struggle with the same thing, sometimes for their entire lives.

Your true calling is always found within.  It cannot be found outside of yourself…much like happiness or joy.  I came across an article on on how to find your true calling.  I like the 3 question approach and have been living by a very similar method for many years in my own life.

The three questions she lists are:

  1. How does what you’re doing make you feel?
  2. Does it have a positive impact on others?
  3. Does it turn up the volume and increase the vibration of your life?

While these are each great questions, the first is my favorite and, I feel, the only one necessary.  If you are doing something that doesn’t have a positive impact on others, it’s probably not going to feel good.  If what you are doing feels good, that means it’s turning up the volume and increasing the vibration of your life…that’s why it feels good.

Can it be really that easy to find your true calling?  It can…as long as your focus is on taking care of your own shit and living a blissful life.  While healing doesn’t always feel good during the process, the outcome is amazing and so well worth it.  So it all feels good in the end.  What measures do you use to know if you are on the right track in your life?


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