The Universe

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Yesterday I received this awesome email from The Universe:

Do you remember learning to ride your first bike, Michele? How impossible it seemed at first? And how impossible it now is to imagine it was ever hard? Life within the illusions of time and space is like that, too.

First you checked it out from the sidelines, then you dreamed of your own, and the next thing we knew, off came the training wheels and I dutifully, dotingly, and reluctantly let you go while galloping breathless at your side, as you let rip one wicked, “HANDS OFF!!!!!!!”

And so I watch, beaming with pride over your first solo trips. Impressed beyond belief with your courage and determination. Stunned by your natural talent and ambition to grow. Humbled by your willingness to risk a fall. Comforted by knowing that you’re exactly where you most wanted to be. And stretching even my own vast mind, as I ponder and contemplate just how far you will go.

Ride on, brave heart –
The Universe

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