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Purple Flower

Wild River Adventures

It’s been a while since I shared a post focused a bit more on pictures I’ve taken so I thought I’d take some time now to do so. Of course, there’s more here than a few pictures that I want to share. This past holiday weekend trip marks the first…


You Only Live Once Part Three

This is part three of a series of three.  Read Part One here and Part Two here. In my last post, I shared about how I shut down as I found myself moving further and further away from what I knew would bring me joy.  I shut down and wasn’t…


You Only Live Once Part Two

This is part two of a series.  I still don’t know how many there will be but there’s at least two right now. *smiles*  Read Part One here. Eventually, we did reach the waterfall.  It was a small but glorious waterfall, surrounded by shades of green and brown. We spent…

Deer in the Forest

You Only Live Once Part One

This past weekend, we journeyed to Banning State Park for some much needed relaxation and time away from our daily lives. I purchased a gently used but older pop-up camper a couple of months ago that we would call home for our time there.  We were joined by a couple…