Stop Playing Small

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treeCan I be frank? I hate this phrase. It’s true, I used to say it myself.  I used to talk about how tired I was of playing small and how much I was ready to sprout wings and fly. What a load of crap that was.

The truth is I was playing at exactly the level I was ready to play at. It wasn’t small. It may not have been at my full potential but it wasn’t small. Even a tree starts out as a seed but that doesn’t make it any less a tree. With the right soil and light and love, we can watch it grow into its full magnificence. At no point in the process does the tree say to itself…man, I’m so small.

We never play small. We play at exactly the level we are ready to play at. While it may seem like we are playing smaller than someone else, it’s because, when we compare ourselves to others, we will always find someone who seems to be playing larger than we are…someone who is shining brighter. That’s the thing about comparing…that’s how it works.

Stop comparing and stop saying you are playing small. Realize you are playing at exactly the point you are eligible to play at…perfect for you…perfect for today…perfect in every way. Love the space you are in. Embrace it and allow it to flow. And when you are ready to do “more” you will, naturally.  Challenge yourself as you go bit by bit and let the process unfold.

Do your work…plant yourself in good soil…expose yourself to good light…surround yourself with love and enjoy the process, appreciating every step of the journey.

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