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A guest post from Vivienne Neale.  A big thank you for sharing herself with us.  Please be sure to check out her site using the links below.

I am writing this guest post as it feels I have little choice in the matter. No, Michele has not bullied me into contributing to her website but I have been drawn to do this.
Now, before you go shaking your head and saying that I am being mystic please give me the chance to explain myself.

spider web

You cannot help but notice things around you

I run a writing retreat and have many people beating a path to my door looking for assistance and advice and sometimes just someone to listen when they are working through the creative process. Inevitably when one is so closely involved in this, both one’s own and others, you cannot help but begin to notice things. Patterns and motifs emerge and most people will have some empathy with the idea of synchronicity or serendipity.

So, my link with Michele? Well, I am planning another online creativity course and undertook an e-learning experience last week to test the water as it’s been a while. In my journal I was writing about my need to find a virtual course to assist me in my drawing skills. I closed the journal and came upstairs to switch on the computer to find an email from Michele in my inbox with a download called How to Make Money Sharing Your Passion Online by Offering e-courses and upon reading it, there were details of the drawing course I had been looking for. So here I am writing a guest blog.

Watch out for signs and symbols

I think it’s important to watch out for signs and symbols in life and for me journaling is the way I can really allow myself to get to grips with what I see, hear and feel. It keeps me grounded and alert to what is happening in my life. Since beginning my journaling experience over four years ago I have taken far more control of my life. Yes, things do arrive out of the blue yet do have control over thoughts, emotions and important elements in my life.

Having just returned from a retreat myself I understood, after my week in virtual solitude, that my creativity has to be the foundation stone upon which everything is built. Without my own personal growth and development I become miserable and descend into a maudlin state that can be very hard to shake off.

Shed light on things occurring in life

It has taken years to realize this obvious conclusion and so almost constantly, in the same way I do when driving, I am always shifting the conscious steering wheel very slightly even when traveling in what appears to be a straight line. I keep my eyes open for anything that sheds light on what is happening in my life. This transforms my mental health and ability to achieve things which are vital to well-being.


So in the past few days wherever I have been, a spider has also been lurking. This is not a bad thing and I have a healthy respect for these creatures, but this morning I picked up my shoes, turned them over and a spider plopped out. This was just too much and I knew it was necessary to think ‘Spider’; obviously I had ignored the message so this time I was being reminded forcibly!

Be thoughtful about choices

Spiders are spiritually symbolic and of course they represent mystery, tenacity, skill, power and foresight. You have an end in mind when constructing a web after all! A spider spends time constructing and therefore I think the message is to be thoughtful about what kind of choices I might be making. This is pertinent as I struggle keeping my own creativity uppermost when scribbling the acres of commercial copywriting I undertake.

Fabulous structures and appropriate functions

Like the spider, I can weave my life; I can create my own structure. After all, don’t we look in awe and amazement on autumn mornings as we walk through a garden and see dew hanging from these creative masterpieces? These webs have evolved into being fabulous structures and us we should create things around which serve the appropriate function.

As an aside, Native Americans believed a spider would offer protection from torrential storms and that is exactly what we have been experiencing in Portugal for days! Mayans also believed that the spider shows things are not exactly how they may appear to be. I am considering these prompts, so I leave the threads dangling for the next person to pick up and continue the weave I have begun.

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Vivienne Neale is a director of a writing retreat in Portugal, Western Europe. Read her daily blog at You can also see her copywriting website at

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