Short on Creativity? Ask a Child.

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Children are never short on creativity! Ask a kid how they would solve a certain problem or fix a certain thing. Kids haven’t had their imaginations spoiled by the thought of “that can’t be done”, or by thinking “magic” doesn’t exist. You may be surprised how creative and fresh their ideas and perspectives may be.

Think like a child. When presented with a creative block or a problem use your imagination to help gain perspective on your options. Ask yourself: if I had unlimited resources to resolve this issue, what would I do? If I had a magic wand, how would I deal with this? How would someone whom was from a different time period handle this? If I were lost in the desert or stranded on an Island, what would I do then?

These questions may seem silly, but in asking them, you are unlocking your creative thought process and you may realize how creative you can be, or you may realize how trivial the problem possibly was to begin with.

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