Sacred Sunday My Butt

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big sighToday I decided to spend my “sacred day” working on my upcoming branding ecourse, getting it all set up and functioning well for my beloved students. I’ve got a pretty good start but need to put some finishing touches on how it shows up and I really want to have an onsite forum – a new big undertaking for me.

I know that probably doesn’t sound like the way someone would choose to spend their sacred day but I soooo love what I do PLUS it’s REALLY hot out. Hot and humid so a day inside sounded perfect, no matter what I was doing.

I set out to work on my tasks and I’m not sure what was going on with everyone else in the house but apparently “I don’t spend enough time with them” and their playtime/relaxation time is much more important than me getting any work done.

A day full of interruptions. A day full of pet care. A day full of ADD-like behavior online trying to work on website thanks to the added ADD_like behavior going on around me by family (both humans and pets).

This is the life of an entrepreneur who works from home.  It is definitely a challenge, especially in the summer with no school in session, and on the weekends.  Most of the time I’d prefer not to work on the weekends and sometimes things just need to get done and that’s ok.

{deep sigh}

I did get some things done, just not as much as I’d hoped. There’s always tomorrow, right?

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