Soul-Soothing, Word-Bending Writing Journeys with Jess Morrow

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Invinsible SummerThe ebook is entitled, Invincible Summer, created by Jess Morrow, to allow an honoring space for women to change their lives through writing. Written after offering two e-courses by the same name this past summer, she has packaged up the course in one, easy-to-follow ebook.  The e-courses were offered after hearing woman after woman share how they used to write or wished they could write.  She knew they could rediscover the gift of the pen…finding their voice + truth.

Jess is a free spirit, a gifted writer, and a yoga instructor.  She focuses on the positives in life and connects with others on a heart level.   This ebook is truly an expression of her heart + soul.

The book has six sections:

  1. Silence
  2. Moving from Silence into Sound
  3. Vision
  4. Listening
  5. Expansion
  6. Completion

Each section leading you through a journey into your life, reflecting on your experience and how you have arrived here today.  The book then guides you forward as you allow all of who you are to shine through.

“Jess Morrow’s Invincible Summer changed my life.” – Michele Bergh Click Here to Tweet

I highly recommend this book for anyone who thought they couldn’t write or used to write and wonder why they ever stopped.  The exploration, at times, was delightfully painful and I mean that.  The pain I experienced, as I reflected on my past, was an instrumental part of my healing process.  The release I experienced was truly life-changing and I will forever be grateful for the gift Jess gave me through my own “Invincible Summer” journey.

You can get your very own copy here.

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