Ready to Bloom

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This was written as a part of my journey with Jess Morrow’s Invincible Summer Writing eCourse in 2012.  Sharing some of these writings is a challenge for me…they are quite personal and were written during a time when I was doing a lot of reflection and growth.  I was going through a lot at the time.  Sharing these now, although a challenge, is also a clearing of sorts.  It’s freeing to be able to let it all go.

And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight in a bud became greater than the risk it took to blossom. – Anais Ninfull bloom

cease and desist
go to your room
i can’t even stand the sound of your voice

some of his favorite words
she knew it best to be silent
she knew it best to be invisible

silence was safe
silence was security
silence was golden

silence is pain
silence is crippling
silence is killing her slowly

her voice crying out to be heard
her voice crying out to be acknowledged
her voice crying out to be valued

her voice longing to be loved
her voice longing to be cherished
her voice longing to be important to someone

her voice cracks
her voice shakes
her voice struggles

each day she tries again
one step forward, two steps back
two steps forward, one step back

still she tries – unsure of herself
unwilling to return to her room
unwilling to be silent any longer

ready to take up space in this world
ready to become share of herself
ready to bloom

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