The Prosperity Game

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prosperity gameI came across this prosperity game when doing some research on prosperity and thought you might enjoy it as much as I am.  The idea is to create an imaginary checking account but make it as real as possible…use an old book of checks or a register you have laying around.

Day 1, deposit $1,000 and spend it.
Day 2, deposit $2,000 and spend it.
Day 3, deposit $3,000 and spend it.

Can you feel yourself getting excited about all the things you can spend your money on?  I can!

Part of having prosperity and abundance flow into your life is being mentally in that space…feeling yourself living a prosperous life.

So you keep going…making deposits every day and spending it every day without hesitation.  So on day 100, you’ll deposit $100,000 and so on.  If you did this every day for a year, you will have deposited and spent 66 million!  Can you imagine that?  Sounds awesome to me!

Anyone want to play along with me?

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