Prosperity is Bloomin’ for Jenny Maroney

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Jenny Maroney WebsiteThis story is being reprinted with permission from Jenny Maroney, one of our Prosperity Blooms ecourse participants.

Hi Everyone! I wanted to share a Prosperity Story with you all!

I will start with a little about me, I am full time graphic designer for a corporation, but always looking for ways to make my life more creative and utilize my artistic abilities, with the goal being to someday make a ‘creative life’ my full time job! So, picture this — August 14th, I have a makeover at a friends house, needed to freshen up my ‘look’ and needed a feel good night for myself as well. I am driving home in my Ford Ranger, a vehicle I love, but thinking that it doesn’t really fit me anymore. I have to go out of town the following day, drive 6 plus hours in the truck and when I get home that night, I am CONVINCED this vehicle just doesn’t work for me anymore.

8:00am August 16th. BAM. Loud crash in front of our house, and my husband yells, “Honey, someone hit the truck!” Go outside, and sure enough, there it is, 6 feet over, broken axle, frame all bent up, other vehicle completely mangled behind it, the driver obviously shaken but not hurt. Really? Parked in front of the house, and my truck is toast. That evening, the husband’s car dies. Literally. So, fast forward a few days, we have a rental, they tell us the good news that the truck is totalled and we’ll be getting a check in the mail. Meanwhile, my friend that did the makeover texts me asking what I think about the makeup/skin care….and I think about it….under normal circumstances, I am a wreck with stressed out skin, but here I am with all sorts of stress and my skin looks awesome! She asks if I’d consider selling Mary Kay? I am thinking I am probably looking at a car payment in my future as well…so I say yes. Saturday September 1 I get a lease for a new Rav4, my dream vehicle and have officially gotten enough sales from my newly christened Mary Kay business to make my first payment!

Now, artsy creative souls, part of me is shocked by how much I like Mary Kay and the other part of me is thrilled out of my mind. I am putting together creative little gifts and having a BLAST giving others makeovers and pick-me-up evenings…we all need that.

And remember, prosperity does bloom, even when you are pretty sure that flower is dead!!!! Thanks!

Jenny is a gifted soul.  Be sure to check out her website, Jenny Maroney.

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