Plain Old Permanent Marker?

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Foot FlowersSharpie markers have only spent 2 more years here than I have.  I’m pretty sure growing up, they only came in black.  I don’t know when the colors came on board but I think they started slowly.

Now, they come in all kinds of colors, all kinds of styles, and all kinds of inks.  They even have a new liquid pencil that is the equivalent to a No. 2 pencil and erases like a pencil but writes like a pen.  How cool is that?

TGuitarhey have a new campaign out and a fairly new redesigned website that feels very interactive and cool!  The images in this post are just a couple of images off their site.  There are over 150 pages of submissions by people using Sharpies.  If you need a little inspiration, check it out!

These are a couple of my favorites.  Which ones are your favorites?

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