Nude Camping? Yes or No

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campingAfter a weekend camping at a state park with no showers and a response to our questions that left us feeling like they didn’t care, the hubby and I decided to explore other options in the area.  This particular area is rich with activities to do and sights to see.  We got an idea to see if we could get the kids and grandkids to join us for all or part of a weekend next year so we went off to look at a private campground up the road.

While visiting the site, I was aware of just how many children there were camping there and realized that it might be nice to camp without children around once in a while.  After all, our kids are grown and a weekend away from it all might be really nice.  State parks also tend to have a lot of families with children running around.  Don’t get me wrong.  I have no issues with children…I was just thinking it might be nice to explore options that aren’t focused on families.  There must be campgrounds that are just for adults, right?  Google to the rescue…

Or so I thought.  You see, in my innocent quest to have a nice quiet grown up weekend, I forgot that Adults Only carries a very different connotation in some circles.  What Google presented me with were options to wear clothes – or not – and to engage in sexual acts with others – or not…all while enjoying the wonderful outdoors.  At first, I was shocked and I don’t shock that easily but then I grew curious.  What is this all about?  Is it real?

It seems to be very real and I stumbled across a couple of campgrounds not too far from my home that provided these environments.  One definitely seemed more focused on the sexual aspect.  The other offered a quiet and private retreat away from other people, if that’s what you need, or other options, if you prefer…clothing optional in all cases.

Well, I’ve seen a few episodes of naked and afraid and I doubt you need to be in the jungles of a far away land to have something chew up your lady bits so I’m just not sure how I feel about the whole nude camping thing but more importantly is this…

It really got me thinking about my comfort zone with my own body.  The one site was adamant that bodies come in all shapes and sizes and you can wear whatever you are comfortable with but they want to create an environment where people are comfortable being free and uninhibited by clothing so they encourage you to remove at least some of your clothes.  And even if there were 100 other bodies just like mine there, I’m not sure I’d find the courage to strip bare.  I sometimes walk around my home when no one is around without clothes.  I think it’s important to be free in this sense on a regular basis but I’m also aware that I’m not super comfortable with it, even in private.  Heaven forbid I catch a glimpse in the mirror and wonder who the hell is in my house.

I’m aware I have a lot of work to do in this area.  I desire to be friends with my body.  To appreciate all it does for me.  To see its beauty.  I’m just not there at this time in my life.  The jury is still out on whether I’ll ever go nude camping.  I’m not interested in hooking up with strangers (although I have no judgements around someone else making that choice) but a private retreat where clothing is optional and I can spend time healing the shame I feel at times around my body does sound wonderful.  No, I don’t think it requires getting naked somewhere to do this but I have found that sometimes those great big risks create the space for the greatest healing to occur at a rapid pace and our lives are never the same after we take that leap.  That is definitely appealing to me.

Camping season is almost over this year so you’ll have to wait to see what I decide…you never know what I might do 😉

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