More Freeze Drying Fun – Yogurt Bars

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Yogurt Bars

I am having so much fun right now with my freeze dryer!  This batch was all about yogurt.  Aren't they pretty?

I made 3 different kinds of bars here.  One set was vanilla yogurt with some cool whip added (sorry I didn't measure).  I added the cool whip because I had read that it helps with consistency.  Since it was my first and only time so far making them, I don't have anything to compare them to (yet).  These also had fruity pebbles so I'm calling those cereal bars.  These are really good as is and make a great little snack.

The second set was strawberry and banana yogurt, also with a little cool whip along with granola and a strawberry on top.  These were also amazing as is.

The rest were a variety of yogurt flavors with a bit of cool whip as well...nothing else.  My husband liked these as is...the flavor is great and the consistency is similar to a meringue cookies but a bit dry.  I'm not sure if dry is the right way to describe them but because they tend to absorb any liquid right away, my mouth definitely felt dry as soon as I started eating them.

I also tried reconstituting the yogurt/cool whip only ones to see what would happen.  They reconstituted really well and were very close to the original consistency.  What a great way to have yogurt on hand at any time!  No refrigeration needed and they will stay fresh so much longer than in their original form.

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Yogurt Bars

A few tips in case you are reading this, own a freeze dryer, and are thinking about trying them...

  1. Yoplait was the brand most recommended.
  2. Greek doesn't always work so well according to others.
  3. If you are wondering about the squares, I purchased dividers from Freeze Drying Supplies that worked perfectly.
  4. A reminder not to mix frozen and non-frozen foods so if you are using frozen strawberries, freeze the entire tray.
  5. Enjoy!
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