Making The Best Of Your Time

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There are some days I just don’t feel like working…some days where I work but find myself easily distracted by all things shiny…and some days where I feel like I totally kick-ass in getting stuff done. Can you relate?

Sometimes my day doesn’t seem to be related to anything else going on…it’s just a feeling of where I’m at in the moment and I think that’s ok. Other days, I can identify things that, had I done something differently, my day may have looked completely different than it did.

So how can we make the most of our time? How can we ensure we are in the best frame of mind, no matter what we need to get done? Here are a few tips:

Play. You’ve got to find time to play in your life. For the past seven or so years, I’ve worked a lot. I recognized that is was a coping mechanism for an unhappy life…a life I have now changed for the better. I rarely played and, when I did, I felt really guilty for it. Now I see when I take time to play, it actually makes me more productive when I need to be. I am in better spirits and more rested and much happier than I would be without it. That all shows up in my work.

Take breaks. 5-10 minutes here and there to stretch and breathe and gain a fresh perspective will make all the difference in your day. Work in 60-90 minute increments at a time to stay alert and present.

Get help. Focus on the things you love to do and get help with the rest. Get over the sense of feeling like you need to do everything yourself. You don’t and it’s best if you don’t…for you and for everyone around you.

Get enough sleep. And don’t use an alarm clock to get up in the morning if you can avoid it. If you wake up with the aid of an alarm clock, you are sleep deprived. If you had gotten enough sleep, your body would naturally wake up. Most adults need 7-9 hours of sleep a night…of good sleep.

Have goals and a task list. What do you want to accomplish? What will get you closer to your goals? What is most pressing? Staying focused on your goals will help you achieve them and help you avoid time-wasters and distractions.

Start your day in action. Don’t sit down and start fiddling with emails or social media. Get something done! It will set the tone for the rest of your day.

Most importantly, enjoy your day. Be sure to include something you really enjoy every single day. Something you look forward to. And reward yourself for your successes. Take time to celebrate them, big and small, every day!

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