Make My Day

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Never underestimate the power you have to make someone’s day. I’m going to speak from my own personal experience here. For me, it might be an email from someone special who says they’re thinking of me. Or it might be a comment on my blog that says how my writing has inspired them. Or…the big one for me is when someone gives me the huge gift of truly “seeing” me; it’s when they’re listening at a heart-level to what I have to say.

Each of those things took minimal effort on the part of the giver. But to me – it meant the world. And I don’t forget those kind little gestures of joy.

In thinking about your own circle – family, friends, colleagues, neighbors – whose day can you make today? Whose day can you make this week?

Pay it forward and share the love! There are two ways you can do it:

1) Make a list of the people who you’d love to spread a little joy to, and then decide what it is you can do to help them feel it. Then, go forth and make it so!

2) Go with the flow of the moment and spread the joy as you go about your day!

I like a combination of both. I know my cousin out-of-state would love to hear from me. And for me to sit down and have a good conversation with her would definitely brighten her day. That I need to plan and make happen. At the same time, I also love for those perfect moments to show up when the timing is just right. For example, when I receive great service at a restaurant – in the moment, I let the manager know.

Wanna hear the good news? Joy is like a boomerang. Toss it out there, and it comes back to you. Ten-fold. And it works every time. Before you begin, here are a couple articles that will inspire you as you get started:

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You, Too, Can Make Someone’s Day

In closing, a great quote by Faber: “There are souls in this world who have the gift of finding joy everywhere and leaving it behind them when they go.”

Leave your mark today. Go make someone’s day!

I’m smiling just thinking of all the unsuspecting people who have no idea that your gift of joy is coming their way. 🙂

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